Intellectual property law firms are tasked with shaping your IP law strategies. At Elaboudy law firm, we represent clients around the world, protecting their ideas, inventions, and businesses. Because we understand your technology, we are better equipped to understand your IP law challenges, work with your management and inventors, and help you protect your intellectual property.
In addition to representing some of the more well-known names in technology, our intellectual property law firm also represents smaller companies who have disputes over patent infringement and trade secret matters.
We have used innovative strategies to handle a range of intellectual property issues, including:
– Patent issues
– Trademarks
– Copyrights’ protection
– Industrial designs
– Domain names
– Utility models
– Franchising and licensing agreements
– Anti-counterfeiting strategies



We provide complete patent services that help create and protect the inventions that shape our world. Our attorneys are unrivaled in the depth of their experience and technical expertise, providing strategic guidance and services that include patent counseling and prosecution, new product clearance and licensing, as well as counsel regarding patent enforcement and the avoidance of possible infringement issues.
Our unmatched technical background makes us particularly adept at writing patent applications that accurately capture an invention’s new and novel nature—thus firmly protecting it against later claims. Working in close partnership, our patent attorneys and renowned litigators actively and aggressively represent plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of proceedings before courts both domestically and internationally, crafting patent strategies that complement and further our clients’ business interests. If infringement issues occur, we can manage them with conviction and authority.

Our services include:
– Negotiating and preparing licenses, assignments, security interests and other agreements for inventions, designs, and patents
– Performing a patent audit
– Identifying areas where patent or design protection can be obtained or extended
– Devising strategies to assist in managing a patent portfolio
– Evaluating patent portfolios of clients
– Patent translation services
– Right to manufacture or use studies



Elaboudy law firm has expertise in providing advice on clearing, protecting, enforcing, and exploiting trademarks. Our lawyers are involved in every stage of the registration process, including searching for similar trademarks, preparing and filing Egyptian trademark applications, assisting in the preparation and filing of foreign applications, and prosecuting applications to registration. We protect our client’s trademarks through opposition of confusing trademark applications, enforcement of trademarks rights and defence against allegations of trademark infringement through litigation, arbitration or mediation. We also advise on the licensing, sale and acquisition of trademarks.
Elaboudy law firm represents a broad range of clients, including manufacturers, retailers, distributors, franchisers and trade associations both on the domestic and international levels, in the protection and exploitation of trademarks.

Trademark services provided by Elaboudy law firm include:
– Trademark search, clearances, and filings and registering trademarks and domain names
– Opposition and cancellation actions
– Trademarks portfolio management
– Negotiating and litigating trademarks, trade names, trade dresses, unfair competition, and comparative advertising disputes
– Advising on and conducting domain name disputes before the courts
– Advising on other trademark, confidentiality, and unfair competition issues that arise in e-commerce
– Providing transaction advice and due diligences in the evaluation and management of intellectual property in acquisitions, mergers, financings, and bankruptcies
– Negotiating and drafting licenses, assignments, franchise agreements, web development agreements, and e-commerce agreements
– Providing validity and infringement opinions
– Advising on rights of personality and privacy
– Conducting market surveys and trademark watch services
– Trademark valuation



Industrial Designs

We assist companies and individuals to obtain industrial design protection for their original designs. Over the years, we have managed a number of large portfolios of industrial designs. We advise on enforcement options and acquisition issues. In many cases, industrial design overlaps with patent or trade-mark rights. We have experience sorting out the multiple forms of protection that may be available for an innovative product.
Our scope of work includes:

– Performing prior art searches, including structure-based searches
– Providing advice on validity and infringement opinions
– Preparing and prosecuting design applications worldwide
– Conducting due diligence investigations
– Preparing and negotiating licensing agreements
– Conducting intellectual property audits
– Organizing right to manufacture or use studies
– Enforcing intellectual property rights




The registration of copyrights allows for easier prosecution of infringement claims and facilitates the sale, transfer, and licensing of copyrights. Our intellectual property law firm works to secure new copyright registrations, protect existing copyrights, and assist in legal agreements for business transactions involving copyright law. Our copyright lawyers work with our trial lawyers to enforce our clients’ copyrights and to defend our clients against infringement claims.
We can represent clients in disputes over digital rights and copyright infringement, as well as:
– Drafting copyright and internet-related contracts
– Registering and enforcing copyrights in the Middle East & North Africa
– Advising on the protection of goodwill, data, internet content, confidential information, and trade secrets
– Advising on unfair practices
– Conducting due diligence and title opinions for new media products and services
– Clearing copyrights in materials to be used on websites or other multimedia products
– Advising on the licensing of technology and digital content, and preparing related agreements
– Advising on online advertising
– Advising on issues relating to e-commerce
– Litigating and forming opinions on infringements for new media products and services



Our highly specialized lawyers are among the most prominent and experienced in fighting IP crime in Egypt. We have a deep history in successfully representing clients in anti-counterfeiting matters. We have developed efficient and unique approaches in the fight against IP crime that are targeted and focused to fit each of our client’s individual needs. We have obtained precedent-setting damages and restitution orders against counterfeiters, and have vast expertise in coordinating wide-ranging search and seizure orders, taking down pirated content, obtaining pre-trial and permanent injunctions and related contempt orders. We have significant experience in lobbying for improvement in Egypt’s anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy laws and policies to help better protect the interests of our clients, and we work in training and coordinating activities with investigators and customs and law enforcement officials.
– Searching for evidence of infringing activity
– Overseeing audits and investigations of manufacturing facilities
– Leveraging on-ground contacts for a swift response to counterfeiting concerns
– Monitoring production facilities abroad to protect businesses and brands
– Tracing counterfeit products beyond factories to identify the leaders at the helm of the criminal enterprise
– Instituting legal actions to secure immediate injunctions against counterfeiters
– Pursuing orders to seize the counterfeit products and to obtain records and financial data to trace the counterfeiting supply chain
– Seeking monetary judgments and permanent injunctions against the counterfeiters
– Engaging in all necessary litigation


Investigation Services

To launch a truly robust investigation, a counterfeit investigation services team needs to have a strong presence on the ground. Our skilled team of attorneys and investigators takes a hands-on approach to our anti-counterfeit, infringement, and intellectual property cases.

Using a discreet yet aggressive strategy, we coordinate with local authorities to investigate fraudulent activities. We seek out those who exploit the rules and regulations of marketplaces and shopping centers across the Middle East and Africa, in both remote locations and city centres.

Furthermore, our expertise extends into the digital realm.
– Protecting from cybercrime (including identity theft and website, social media, and e-commerce security)
– Investigating products (including analysing importer/exporters, evidential sample purchases, and due diligence for vendor and customer)
– Securing against anonymous acquisitions
– Launching corporate and competitor market intelligence campaigns
– Establishing Intellectual property rights (including trademark use & infringement investigations)
– Issuing online/on-ground market surveys