Firm Profile

Elaboody Advocates was established in 1997 by Mr. Abdel Hamied Elaboody . Our firm covering all aspects of business, maritime, financial affairs and our client’s interests. Our company compresses three attorneys partners, twenty lawyers and number of consultants.

Our firm contains a group of attorneys carefully selected and elite of consultants and experts who are professional in all fields of our practice area.
The firm recognized the rapid change in the world and we always aim to develop our skills to meet the development in the world of business.

Our Goal
our goal is to provide our clients with practical, problem solving legal advice and, when litigation is required, to be skilled and determined advocates. Risks are inherent in every business venture. When our clients want to avoid such risks, they often seek our help and we recommend safeguards. Because in our years of practice we have seen what can go wrong, we are in a strong position to provide sound, practical advice to reduce our clients’ exposure before risks become realities. We provide periodic seminars for our clients on topics of interest and concern, to give them a competitive edge by virtue of their awareness of relevant legal issues.

On those occasions when our clients’ business risks do become reality, they have operational problems to solve and, quite possibly, legal problems as well. They need to analyze their position and find business and legal solutions. That is definitely when we can help. We have dealt with virtually every type of legal matter which confronts the maritime industry. Our experience ranges from the most complex casualty and environmental litigation to routine claims. Our international roster of maritime clients includes P&I Clubs, hull underwriters, owners, operators, charterers, terminal operators, stevedores, shipyards, brokers and myriad others in the shipping industry.


Commitment to Responsiveness

The business world, particularly in the maritime field, operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The attorneys at our group are available on the same schedule and are always ready to provide an immediate and efficient response. We offer a twenty-four hour, live answering service and partners are immediately accessible by cell phone.

To speed our response to clients, we have invested heavily in technology. For internet and e-mail service, we utilize T1 service, which allows us to communicate in a matter of seconds. In addition, we have unified our faxing and e-mail to create a more efficient messaging system. Our word processing and document management system are linked by a local area network designed to enable us to quickly exchange and access information. Consequently, our substantial database of legal research and forms can be easily utilized with each new endeavor. We feel strongly that staying on top of technological advances allows us to provide the most efficient and effective service to our clients.

At Elaboody Advocates , we take pride in solving our client’s personal and business legal issues.  With over 20 years of combined legal experience, Elaboody Advocates is dedicated to providing our clients with informed and effective legal advise.