Comprehensive family law service According to Egyptian Family Law (Sharia)

Elaboudy law firm is ready to advise clients on the oftentimes murky waters of family and divorce laws in Egypt. These laws can change rapidly and are at times confusing or vague. Our experienced team of attorneys is ready to guide you through the process of international divorce, marriage to foreigners, child custody issues and the drawing up of a will. Family law is considered one of the more sensitive areas of law, and clients need an attorney who will provide them with a tailored family law strategic plan that meets their goals and desires.

Elaboudy’s attorneys are also equipped to deal with cases involving an international component, regarding child custody, divorce and marriage. We can walk our clients through the process of marrying an international spouse, by helping them make sense of the documentation, notarizations and proceedings necessary for a legal marriage in Egypt. Because our attorneys can work both in English and Arabic, international clients will be kept abreast of any vital information, and won’t feel sidelined in the process.

For those clients who are interested in drawing up a will or managing an estate, Elaboudy law firm can provide clients with comprehensive and compassionate advice. Our team is prepared to provide factual real estate estimates, resolving disputes between beneficiaries of the will and estate, and the transference of legal titles to beneficiaries.


Our specialized areas of concentration include:
• Divorce
• Financial Applications
• Children Issues and Applications
• Disputes between Unmarried Couples
• Family Law Act Applications (Injunctions)
• Disputes Within the Wider Family
• Lasting Powers of Attorney
• Wills
• Probate


We can help

Estate Planning – Designing comprehensive estate plans for individuals of all asset levels, which may include sophisticated estate planning techniques to minimize death taxes, trusts to protect minors, or planning techniques to assist blended families or and methods to ease the probate process.

Special Needs Planning – Assisting in all stages of public benefit and special needs planning, including qualifying persons for essential public benefits, creating an estate plan to protect a loved one’s public benefits, and collaboratively determining whether a guardianship or less restrictive option may be appropriate.

Elder Law – Designing a creative and personal plan using the most up-to-date techniques to preserve wealth for future generations while protecting the elder’s dignity and well-being.
Estate Administration – Facilitating and streamlining the probate process and employing legal strategies to reduce death taxes to the maximum extent.