Law Firm Elaboody ,Egypt , Attorney specialsed in collecting debts, commercial and business law, recovery of debts, bad debt recovery, recovery agency recognition and enforcement of judgements, mediation. Our Law Office is working in the field of claim management, international contract law, conducting of lawsuit (court proceedings).

The advantage: as a Law Firm we consider all stages of collection from the first request for payment (dunning, demand letter) up to recovery by the final judgment and enforcement by bailiff and block of bank accounts.

 Elaboody’ dedicated debt department advises clients ranging from asset based finance companies to large corporate to private individuals.


Our Practice Areas

• Debt Collection Services
• Consumer Debt Collection
• Professionals’ Debt Collections
• Foreign Judgment Collection
• International Debt Collection
• Judgment Enforcement
• Pre-suit Collection
• Strategy Development


Debt Collection Services

We handle all debt collection services in Egypt from all industries, including:
2-Financial services
5-Information technology
6-Communications — including line and equipment destruction cases
7-Lenders of all types — secured and unsecured
8-Credit grantors


Consumer Debt Collection

Consumer debt collection in Egypt is one of the most common types of debt collection. When you are owed money, you need to get the matter resolved in the most efficient, stress-free way possible!
Here at Elaboody Law Firm, we strive to get you the best results possible for your case, almost no matter how small the amount owed.

We service consumer debt collection clients from many areas, including:
2-Financial Services
3-Credit Grantors
4-Student Loans
5-Credit Cards
6-Child Support
7-Personal Loans
8-Personal guarantees
9-Deficiency Balances
10-Breach of Contract
11-Auto, Home, and other related personal obligations


Professionals’ Debt Collections

You can be confident that our attorneys will seek results and do it in an ethical manner. We offer a professional, yet aggressive approach to debt collections in Egypt. As an action- and result-oriented collections law firm, you’ll be working with reputable leaders of the collections industry. Because our attorneys have vast experience and knowledge in Debt Collection our clients can be sure that we’ll pursue your collection in an effective manner throughout the collections process.


Foreign Judgment Collection
Enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards

Egypt is a party to a number of bilateral and multilateral treaties on judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters, including the Convention of the Arab League on the Enforcement of Judgments and Arbitral Awards (“Arab League Convention”) and the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards of 1958 (“New York Convention”).
For a foreign court judgment to be enforced in Egypt, the court issuing it should have a valid jurisdiction upon the case and there should exist a treaty of reciprocity between Egypt and the country where the foreign court that rendered the judgment lies.
Direct enforcement is not allowed and a court case must be filed in order to obtain an enforcement judgment, however, this requirement may not be needed if there exists a treaty of direct enforcement between Egypt and the other country.
While foreign judgment collection might seem difficult, we’ve succeeded in helping many businesses like yours from around the world. Chasing after payments is always difficult for a business owner, and is made even harder by your debtor is in Egypt, perhaps thousands of miles away. We’ve been able to take the load off of our clients’ shoulders and get them the results they deserve.


International Debt Collection

Are you an international client attempting to collect from a Egypt debtor?
Do you need professional assistance to collect your debts?
Do you have a judgment, but aren’t sure how to collect on it?
The Elaboody Law Firm has been a successful legal collection company in Egypt for more than 22 years. This is possible because our experienced and qualified attorneys work hard to get results for you. Not only do we listen to our clients concerns, but we also help each of our clients figure out an effective strategy to collect their receivables.
Imagine not having to worry about going after debtors yourself. You’ll have more time to focus on other important parts of your business!

– Domestication of Foreign Judgments

Our debt collection lawyers work hard to collect and enforce our client’s judgments. We take on most cases involving both simple and complex collection matters. Our clients come to us with commercial or consumer claims from all sorts of industries and many parts of the world. We assist our clients by:
*Entering and enforcing our client’s judgments
*Working on new suits/actions on claims of many types
*Finding solutions to commercial/consumer claims of many types and from most industries
No matter where your claim may come from, our professional collection company in Egypt will work on domesticating your foreign judgment and enforcing payment.



Judgment Enforcement

You can count on us to enforce your judgments. We exhaust all possible legal and creative ways to recover your judgments, including actions and thorough investigations involving:
– Asset attachments/executions
– Garnishments, all types: taxes, wages, third parties, receivables
– Claim and deliveries
– Creditor exams
– Receiver ships
– Warrants/bonds
– Use of court officers, deputy sheriffs, process servers who we train
– Computerized assets locators, bank locators, employment locators, vital information, personal property, real property
– Social media
– Affiliated business/successor business
– Interest, costs, court officer fees
– Skipping
– Stipulations
– Consent judgments
– Effective calls, pre- and post-judgment
– Credit bureaus/credit data
– Recovery of Legal Judgments

The debt collection attorneys in Egypt at our firm take pride in enforcing judgments on behalf of our creditor clients. We work hard to achieve results and utilize a variety of methods to ensure that our clients recover everything owed to them. The fact that our firm has been doing collections work for more than 22years makes us a reliable and reputable resource for our clients who are expecting results. 


Pre-suit Collection

Are you struggling to collect invoices and payments from your debtors?

You shouldn’t have to put up with the added stress that goes along with chasing down your money. Let the professionals do it for you!

At Elaboody Law Firm, we’re committed to making sure that your debt collection case is resolved in a professional, efficient manner.

Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you no longer have to spend your valuable time trying to track down debtors! When you let the experienced debt collection attorneys in Egypt at Elaboody Law Firm work for you, you’ll have more time to spend focusing on more important areas of your business.

Pre-suit actions include conducting a full investigation, making aggressive (but legal) phone calls, verifying information, and many other steps depending on the type of debtor. This process also includes “skip tracing,” which means finding the debtor’s address and assets, including their hidden assets and property when possible. Our experienced attorneys will verify this information, and recommend the best course of action for your case.


Strategy Development

Are you trying to collect on a debt?

Are you having trouble identifying who exactly your debtor is in order to file a legitimate suit?

Don’t go through this struggle alone! Here at Elaboody Law Firm, we use strategy development as part of the pre-suit process to make sure that all aspects of your debt collections in Egypt is well thought out.

In order to collect on a debt, you need to be able to identify exactly who your debtor is – such as a partnership, corporation, limited liability company, etc. – and this is not always easy! This process can be long and stressful, especially if your debtor is using multiple names and/or locations.

Our experienced debt collection attorneys in Egypt have served clients from all over the nation and world, and therefore have the resources necessary to track down even the most difficult information.

When you hire one of our debt collection attorneys to take your case, we will ease your stress by developing a strategy that works best for your unique case. An in-depth analysis and investigation of the facts will help us determine your options. As an added bonus, no attorney fee will be charged unless we collect for you!

Part of our debt collections strategy development process involves:
– Alternative Dispute Resolution
– Case evaluation
– Arbitration
– Mediation
– Dispute resolution
– Counterclaim Defense
– Aggressive defense of counterclaim actions
– Affirmative defense strategies and discovery
– Including all the parties involved such as personal guarantors and all entities and persons who can be held liable on your claim
For additional information on how our team of experienced, professional debt collection attorneys will work for you, call us to set up your free consultation today!


Counterclaim Defense

Has one of your business deals gone terribly wrong?
Is your claim being challenged by the debtor?
Does your debtor claim that you owe them money?

It’s already frustrating for you to try to collect the debts owed to you, but when you’re also dealing with a counterclaim, it can be an even more difficult challenge if you don’t have the resources and power to defend your claims. With our experienced team for commercial collections in Egypt, counterclaim defense can be much easier.

At Elaboody Law Firm, we protect the rights of creditors in many different types of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, insurance, advertising, information technology, communications, and more. Our team for commercial collections in Egypt have handled cases involving delinquent accounts of all types, including breach of contract, damage claims, accounts receivable collections for many industries, deficiency balances, checks, liens and property damage.