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Elaboudy law firm maritime team understands the challenges involved in doing business and navigating the complex issues of the maritime industry. By representing a diverse mix of industry participants—from vessel owners and operators to businesses that charter vessels to port authorities to others engaged in the financing of maritime transportation asset—our attorneys have gained a deep understanding of the most important issues facing our clients. While we are nationally recognized as a “go-to” firm for difficult maritime problems involving Egyptian government policy, law, regulations, and enforcement, we are also actively involved in assisting clients with vessel financing, commercial transactions, and non-government related admiralty litigation, including collisions, allisions, and cargo claims, among others.

Our team has extensive experience dealing with the Egyptian Coast Guard, Egyptian Customs and Border Protection, Environmental Protection Agency, Egyptian Justice Department, Egyptian Maritime Administration, Egyptian Transportation Command, and the Military Sea lift Command. In addition, our maritime team is supported by the full resources of the firm, including our corporate, restructuring, environmental, tax, litigation, labor and employment, and energy practices


We Can Help

* Legal correspondence.
* Marine insurance and reinsurance claims.
* Charter parties liabilities.
* Bills of leading liabilities.
* Ship sale/Purchase contracts.
* Collision/Salvage and General damage liabilities.
* Oil pollution/Casualties liabilities.
* Stowaways and Refuges problems.
* Cargo liabilities (Shortage/Loose/ Damage and Delay of cargo.
* Ship’s arrest/ Release.
* Arrest any ship or sister ship in all Egyptian ports whatsoever including Suez Canal.
* Crew detention problems.
* Costs and Fines of ships liabilities.
* Disputes settlements.
* Legal disputes before the Egyptian courts whatsoever it is.
* Disputes settlements.
* Marine transactions and contracts.
* Legal marine consultancy.
* Assisting in import & export procedures.
* all aspects of shipping and marine disputes.
* Ship Sale/ Purchase contracts.
*Claims of loss or damages of cargo.
– Disputes under voyage/time charters relating to such matters.
– General damage and problems arise from the financial collapse of ship owners and charters.
– Disputes arise by collisions of ships.
– Salvage claims and marine casualties.
– Oil pollution claims and the negotiation of Transshipments or towage agreements.
– Disputes of ship building and ship repairing contracts.
– Marine mortgages.
– Problems of the employment of ship officers and crew members.
– Crew wages claims.
– Personal injury and death claims.
– Marine insurance and reinsurance disputes.
– Preparation of shipbuilding contracts of new tonnage.
– Ship registration & Ship deletion.
* Ship delays.
* Custom’s fines and demurrages.
* Customs clearance facilities.