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A special legal service for vessel’s protection from wrongful arrests.

Elaboody Law Firm can stop the wrongful arrest of ships before levy the attachments, Elaboody Law Firm is presents this special legal service to their clients of ship owners and charters, managers…etc., to protect all their ships from any wrongful arrest during existence in all Egyptian Ports (Port Said, Alexandria, Suez, Damitta, Safaga, Hurghada, Sharm El-Shick, Alqusir, Ain Sukhna…Etc.) or during crossing Suez Canal.

This service is depend on the anticipation of wrongful arrest of ship in Egypt whereas sometimes the late of presentation the legal services at the proper time cause’s more problems specially in Egypt, so our law firm present this service
for our clients to protect their ships in Egypt at the proper time. For Ship Agents, Ship Repairs, Suppliers, Building, And Other Marine Companies.

El Laboody Law Firm Can Provide The Company And Organization With All Aspects Of Legal Services What They Need/

* Arrest Any Ship Or Sister Ship In Any Egyptian Port For
The Company To Reclaim Your Money.
* Legal Disputes Before The Egyptian Courts Whatsoever.
* Disputes Settlements.
* Marine Transaction And Contracts.
* Legal Marine Consultancy.
* All Aspects Of Shipping Disputes.

Generally Our Advice Is Sought On All Types Of Maritime Matters, Including Claims For Loss Or Damage To Cargo. Disputes Under Time And Voyage Charters Relating To Such Matters As Freight. General Average And Problems Arise From The Financial Collapse Of Ship Owners And Charterers .

Disputes Arising From Collisions Between Ships, Salvage Claims And Other Consequences Of Marine Casualties Such As Oil Pollution Claims And The Negotiation Of Transshipment Or Stowage Agreements.

Disputes Under Shipbuilding And Ship Repairing Contracts The Enforcement Of Mortgages, Problems Relating To The Employment Of Officers And Crew Of Ships And Ship Related Personal Injury Claims.

Marine Insurance Advice In Respect Of Cover In Marine, Hull, P & I And Cargo Insurance And Claims Under Marine Policies Matters Relating To The Financing, Ownership And Operation Of Ships.

Preparation Of Shipbuilding Contracts And The Acquisition Of New Tonnage
Financing Of Vessel Acquisitions And Related Security Documentation Registration And Choice Of Flag Aviation, Aircraft Registration And Finance.

We indexation a twenty-four hour, live answering service and partners are immediately accessible by cell phone To speed our response to clients .