Our specialized attorneys are focused on safeguarding businesses across the corporate and commercial sector, both locally and internationally. We help our clients establish their companies lawfully, guiding them through both company and investment law.


In a region that is witnessing the fast development and diversification of an international and private education sector, understanding the inner workings of its legislation is a must.

Today, educational organizations face unprecedented pressures and key players understand the need for a broad range of legal support. Our dedicated team provides clients with comprehensive assistance at every stage of their project.

The Education Law Team offers substantial experience in all areas of the often complex laws affecting schools today, from the pre-school level through the college level.

The firm serves its education clients as general counsel, special education counsel, human resources counsel, construction counsel, labor negotiator and bond counsel.


Our Education Law Services

It is widely recognized that our education lawyers render practical and dependable legal advice to our clients in an effective and efficient manner. The firm has built a strong reputation in a wide variety of education-related matters, including:

• New school board accountability laws and regulations
• Special education (classification, due process hearings and appeals)
• Employment law
• School Ethics Act
• Open Public Meetings Act and Open Public Records Act
• Labor contract negotiations
• Labor grievances
• Tenure acquisition and seniority entitlement
• Arbitration
• Job action/strike remedies
• Student and employee discipline
• Bond referenda and school bond or note issuance
• Lease-purchase financing
• Pupil transportation
• Jointure agreements
• Pupil residency
• Real estate matters
• School board elections
• Sales of school property
• School construction
• Vendor and professional services contracts
• Budgetary matters


Our litigation team has deep experience representing educational organizations in every kind of litigation, both in trial courts and before regulatory tribunals. These range from defending a university against various claims by faculty and administrators to personal injury, class actions, construction-related claims, nonprofit standing, student discipline, civil rights and dozens of other issues. Because we have such a long history representing educational institutions, our attorneys understand how to get the results you need.