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As an importer or exporter, you face a constantly changing landscape of customs and international trade law and regulation. Elaboody Advocates is committed to providing high quality, results-oriented and cost-effective legal advice to the international trade community. Our practice includes customs legal compliance reviews, investigations and audits, customs and international trade litigation, customs classification, customs valuation, drawback, NAFTA and other preferential duty programs, country of origin marking, antidumping and countervailing duties, export regulation, trade policy and legislation, international negotiations and food and drug regulatory compliance and

Our global knowledge and local experience will ensure your goods and services are received in the areas they are most likely to be developed, produced or marketed. Our lawyers are instrumental in shaping the rules through involvement in business, government and academic bodies such as the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Trade Institute and WTO dispute settlement panels.

How We Can Help

Customs Strategies – We handle all aspects of strategic customs planning and compliance. We help secure favorable customs rulings and approvals for various business ventures, and prepare strategies for usage of global classifications and valuation. We also obtain interpretations of relevant WTO and regional agreements and conduct multi-jurisdictional studies of customs duties, laws and requirements.

WTO and International Trade Agreements

We prepare WTO-consistent policy and business strategies, pursue competitive market conditions through international negotiations, advocate in WTO dispute settlements, and handle accessions to the WTO.

Outbound Trade and Corporate Compliance

We provide day-to-day compliance advice, conduct internal investigations, and represent clients in enforcement actions on export control, trade sanctions, anti-corruption, anti-boycott, anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering measures as
implemented in various countries.

Trade Remedies

We handle anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations for petitioners and respondents, as well as safeguards actions and other trade sanctions and other trade sanctions imposed on imports. We also develop dispute avoidance and duty reduction strategies, and advise on negotiation of new trade remedies rules in the context of trade liberalization.